Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Day

Well, the program went well, save for the frog that introduced us from my throat. I blamed my son who began our morning with recitation from his Icky Sticky Slime Lab book: lab of choice: Recipe for Phlegm. I insisted that this was not an appropriate way to begin a day set aside for singing. My idea for breakfast was hot tea and quiet.

It was a blessing for me. I was able to see again and meet for the first time some wonderful people from my and my family's past; as well, I was touched by pain, joy, loss, sorrow, prayer... sadness from grandparents who have a grandson who is very ill... an elderly friend was filled with delight at seeing my mother and had come with a loaded photo album of the past. The past being people she held dear, some who were present, some who'd moved on to the next life. I shared with her how comforting it was for me to have her husband come by after my dad had died when I was a teenager... we were renovating and her spouse was the workman my parents had hired just before Dad's death. We were blessed by fresh and new features in our home at a time of great sorrow, and what for my mom must have been a painful time of uncertainty. Both ladies had forgotten about the work and timing, "Oh is that right?! I had forgotten about that..." But we all have different remembrances and things are significant to us, past and present, for various reasons.

My sister reminisced with an old friend whose family had taken her in many times when her mother, my dad's first wife, was sick with cancer. Some grieving occurred that hadn't happened in 60 years, I imagine. We all have tears that haven't been shed yet, for whatever reason-- tears that have been stuffed, forgotten, and welling up for decades-- tears that must be shed for our load to be lighter. But O God, You who counts our tears, show us the hope amid the waters-- that they will not drown us, and that You will never leave us nor forsake us-- those that are Yours.

My friend said of the potluck, "this is my favorite kind of meal." I especially enjoyed Judy's beets and special mention to my well-behaved little girl who ate her meal (this is a big deal for little Jill) and didn't fuss much when I put a quota on her desserts.

It wasn't a program really for song, it was a time to relate; and hopefully, to spread the Word that there is someOne who desires relationship with us. God offers we sinners right standing with Him through His Son Jesus. Song isn't about song, the past not about the past, food and fun, not about that. It is about relationship, somehow. We can be present for it, or avoiding it, running from it, suffering from the lack of it. But there is One who is always there if we will turn to Him.

Father, bless your Church and show each person there a clear image of the tomorrow You have for them and their loved ones, give healing Your way and peace without measure. You are true to Your promises for a future and a hope for those who are found in You. May we be found right there.

My husband asked, "What are you going to do in the evenings now?" My next project is going to require quite a bit of preparation and I think I'll try to regroup to determine what exactly is on my plate. I'd really like to get into a studio again to record a couple new songs. Then get back to the original album.

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