Friday, December 7, 2012

The Christ Child


It's been awhile. Not that I haven't visited myself here, haha. And not that I haven't been singing and songwriting or playing the piano... Just nothing, really, to report- as 'new' exactly, tactically... necessarily.

But, I would like to share that I've been having a nice time of it helping out with the children's choir by accompanying rehearsals. Very much a double blessing for me, too, as my eleven year old is in the chorus.

I want to share, too, that the children's choir at church is going to be singing a choral piece I wrote some years ago for Christmas Eve and a couple of community outreaches.  The song is, The Christ Child.  I hope to post something so that you may hear it sometime. Within the song is an invitation to accept Jesus, the reason we celebrate this season, into your heart:

"The gift is free and simple, it's all been done for you.
 Now, ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of you.
 The holiday soon over, the days continue on,
 but with the baby Jesus, God gives me a new song...

...He's knocking,
invite Him
to live in your heart."

 Enjoy the holiday season and Merry Christmas!