Tuesday, July 3, 2007

An Old Song

Well, today was a day of songs, but not all mine. The beginner Suzuki cd was played in-vehicle as we drove from the office, to swimming, to violin-- you get the picture. En route to violin we stopped for one of our favorite things, a sesame roll, and they were dog bad! Stale.

I listened to my children all making joyful albethey goofy sounds to and fro our stops today, the older daughter practicing many known songs, the younger one creating originals... my son, well, he prefers war sounds, battle sounds, and everything "pretend". After 100 degrees sitting at the pool these became more wearing than "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"... but nevertheless, a joyful sound. For us yet in America, the sounds of war are made by little boys innocently playing; how much we take for granted. And then, how many wars we fight at home.

I practiced a couple of songs for the album tonight, it's been a very long while.